WMST 2601 Introduction to Women’s Studies 3
Select 15 semester hours from the courses listed below, with a minimum of 6 semester hours required at the 3700-level or above. 15
ENGL 1560 Language, Ethnicity, and Gender
ENGL 2617 Women in Literature
FNLG 2660 Women in the Ancient World
PHLT 2692 Human Sexuality
SOC 2640 Women in Society
SOC 2690 Identities and Differences
CHFM 3731 Individual and Family Development
CJFS 4851 Women and Justice
CMST 3750 Gender Communication
ENGL 3732 Images of Women
HIST 3726 History of Women in the United States
HIST 3787 History of Women in Europe
HMEC 5893 Work and Family
MGT 3755 Managing Workplace Diversity
MRCH 3730 Social Psychology of Clothing and Appearance
PSYC 3707 Psychology of Intimate Relationships
PSYC 3730 Psychology of Women
REL 3733 Women And the Bible
REL 3754 Feminism, Ecology and Religion
WMST 3750 Special Topics in Women’s Studies
WMST 4850 Senior Research Project
Total Semester Hours 18