Tessier Writing Contest

Tessier Contest Flyer

2022 Tessier Writing Contest: Cancel Culture
Cash Prizes:
1st Place – $100
2nd Place – $75
3rd Place – $50

The Tessier Writing Contest is an annual event that offers cash prizes to undergraduate students who write the best short papers on the Women’s History Month Theme. This year’s theme: Cancel Cancel Culture.

Cancel culture has been a prevalent topic in today’s society with the rising importance of social media. To some people, cancel culture is necessary. To others, canceling someone can be seen as harassment.

Why do you believe people cancel someone instead of forgiving them?
Do you believe cancel culture is a good thing?

Provide an example of someone that you believe was deserving or undeserving of being canceled.

Entries should be between 750-1000 words, double-spaced and free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Submissions are due by March 3, 2022 MARCH 7, 2022 and should be emailed to dahenning at student dot ysu dot edu.

This contest is restricted to undergraduate students at Youngstown State University. Contest winners will be selected by the Alpha Alpha Rho executive committee and faculty affiliated with the Women’s and Gender Studies program.

The winners will be recognized by the League of Women Voters at their Hall of Fame event on March 24 at 6 PM.